Our mission

BASE ONE Tax Co. is a group of professionals that has been set up to contribute to the further development of the society and industry that our predecessors have created up to now. In the future, Japan, where we were born and raised, will need to sustain its society with a smaller population and increase its global competitiveness. We believe that it will become increasingly important to further concentrate on limited management resources by investing in new and growing businesses and strengthening core businesses, as well as reviewing the business portfolio from time to time and implementing business restructuring accordingly.

Our team members include a Certified Public Tax Accountant who has advised many companies, including Japanese and foreign-affiliated companies on their tax affairs, and a certified public accountant with a background in financial advisory, which requires a wide range of knowledge and skills in financial accounting, taxation and law. We also have a university professor as an advisor who is well versed in taxation practice, theories, and precedents, and who specializes in providing theories to achieve legal relief for taxpayers.

In the uncertain business environment, which varies from industry to industry, you will need to make prompt and decisive decisions after considering risk and returns from various angles. As your expert and your best partner, we would be happy to contribute to your business in any way.
We would also like to be an organization that constantly challenges itself to create new values as a specialist.

Management Philosophy

Contribute to the sound development of our clients’ businesses with our knowledge and experience as experts in each field.
Act with integrity, thinking about the future of people involved in our business and the lives of their families.
We will nurture human resources who will create a new era, always valuing the spirit of challenge.

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