Examples of Services

Case Study 1

Company Profile​

  • Prime market listed company
  • Manufacturing and retailing
  • Japanese group relief

  • Needed knowledge about special tax issues such as JCFC and foreign tax credits.
  • Although the company hires outside experts to prepare tax returns, there are many concerns and dissatisfaction with the abilities, and costs are increasing year by year.
  • The retirement of the tax manager has interfered with normal tax operations.
  • Provided services in cooperation with current tax advisors as a second opinion on special tax treatments, helping to reduce tax risks.
  • A small number of elite personnel can handle the work, which reduces labor costs and also contributes to outsourcing cost reductions.
  • Reduced internal workload (approximately 300 hours) by outsourcing some of the tax work, such as preparation of basic tax documents, to us.

Case Study 2

Company Profile

  • Privately held company (local owner-operated company with approximately 70 years of business history)
  • Manufacturing (founder’s business), retail (new business), etc.
  • The owner’s family members had established several new businesses within the company, but there was no clear demarcation and management of each business.
  • Spinning out a new business unit through a reorganization, but unsure of the tax risk
  • The company has a long-time tax advisor, but for new business, we prefer a specialist who can consult with us on business strategy from a fresh perspective.
  • Established a management system for each business and visualized the profitability of each business.
  • Contribute to mitigating potential tax risks by providing expert advice on tax issues related to reorganizations and post-restructuring operational issues
  • Responsible for tax advisory of new companies, also working with existing tax accountants as needed.

Case Study 3

Company Profile

  • Foreign-affiliated company
  • Sales scale: several billions of yen
  • Self-accounting in SAP
  • Due to the sudden resignation of the tax manager, there is a need to establish a system for tax operations because of insufficient handover and lack of details in operations.
  • Due to a lack of successors, the previous tax adviser closed business, and taking this opportunity to look for a tax adviser with whom we can have a long-lasting relationship in the future.
  • Lack of professionals familiar with the tax rules of Foreign-affiliated company, including tax provision and deferred tax calculations
  • Reviewed each relevant document from last year and identified the necessary materials and reduced internal workload by outsourcing the preparation of basic tax documents, etc.
  • Involves a group of experts with an average age of 36, so there is no business continuity risk and support can be provided for many years.
  • High value-added tax services are provided through direct support by experienced experts from major firms.